Wire – Art Punk Face to Face

British art-punks Wire breezed into Auckland on January 15th for a gig at The Kings Arms. I happened to stop into the pub during the afternoon and was lucky enough to catch the band doing their sound check. Bass player Graham Lewis took a shine to my Can T-shirt and we got to be fast friends (at least temporarily). I sat down at the bar with Lewis and guitarist/singer Colin Newman for a chat about their excellent new album, Red Barked Tree. They also disclosed a few details about the departure of guitarist Bruce Gilbert.

The band played a blinding set later that evening with new guitarist Matt Simms adding a bit of youthful energy.

You can hear my conversation with Colin Newman and Graham Lewis here: 

And check out a bit of their show at the Kings Arms here:


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  1. Scott Blevins

    Great interview!!


  2. Eh, thanks for this! Great blog, glad I found it!