Video Interview: Urge Overkill Climb Mt. Eden

Chicago rockers Urge Overkill return to Auckland to play at the Kings Arms Tuesday night. They last performed here in 1996 at The Powerstation when hits like Sister Havana and Girl You’ll Be A Woman Soon saturated the airwaves. The 13th Floor found band members Nash Kato and Eddie “King” Roeser at the top of Mt. Eden, catching some of the sights before preparing to rock out. Watch here:  

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  1. baz

    Hey Marty…
    nice to drag the boys up there to see over the views.I was introduced to them back in ’93 that’s when sister havana,positive bleeding et al was really up there power pop i call it( i even covered that one pos bleeding in a band i was in @ the time here in N.Z.)I’m living in Melbourne but right now I’m in Dunedin as we talk in library and flying to my hometown of Motueka today would be nice to see ’em again after all those years y’know but hey,that’s life! baz