Alec Palao Talks About Unearthing The Past (Interview)

It’s possible that this man has one of the coolest jobs on the planet. His name is Alec Palao and he tours the world discovering previously unreleased musical gems. Alec works for reissue companies like Ace and Rhino and has produced definitive collection of bands like The Zombies and The Charlatans. He recently travelled to Muscle Shoals, Alabama, meeting up with Fame Studios owner Rick Hall, finding unheard treasures in his vaults. You can read the 13th Floor review of The Fame Studios Story here. 

Based in San Francisco, Alec is the resident expert on the local scene of the 1960s. I spoke to Alec about Ray Columbus, who spent a year or so in San Francisco in the mid-60s, making some of his hippest music. That discussion will be heard on Radio New Zealand next month. But I also spoke to Alec about his experiences producing reissues.

Listen here as Alec Palao tells The 13th Floor about meeting Rick Hall, compiling The Zombies and his up-and-coming projects: 

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