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Album Winners Revealed!

Last Friday The 13th Floor celebrated the release of two new albums,  Santana’s Shape Shifter and Tedeschi Trucks Band’s double live Everybody’s Talkin’ by giving away two copies of each album (courtesy Sony Music). We were looking for the first two people to correctly indentify classic 60s songs covered by each artist when they performed in Auckland last year.

The correct answers are: Sunshine Of Your Love (Santana) and either The Weight or Manic Depression (Tedischi Trucks Band). Our winners are: Steven McGrath and David Lloyd (Santana) and Steve Bone and Peter Harwood (Tedeschi Trucks Band). Thanks to everyone for participating.

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Album Giveaway!!! Brand New Santana and Tedeschi Trucks Band

Today Sony is releasing the new a Santana album, Shape Shifter and the double live Tedeschi Trucks Band package, Everybody’s Talkin’. If you’re a fan of guitar playing you’ll want to hear these.

The Santana album is described as a 13-song instrumental tour de force.  The veteran guitarist have moved away from the slick, commercial pop music of the last decade or so and has returned to the exquisite jazz/African/Latin mix that propelled much of his mid-70s music.

The Tedeschi Trucks Band featured Derek Trucks, the slide guitarist for the Allman Brothers Band. His lyical, fluid playing is easily compariarable to the late, great Duane Allman. This live album finds him in the company of a big 11-piece band including his wife, singer and guitarist Susan Tedeschi. The resulting double album is a welcome reminder of the great double live albums of the 1970s.

The 13th Floor has two copies of each album to give away. Here’s how to win:

Each of these acts performed in Auckland last year and their shows were reviewed by The 13th Floor. All you have to do is pick which album you want, then fill in the form below. Both Santana and Tedeschi Truck Band covered a classic 60s song during their shows (a different song by each band). Just name the song played by either Santana or Tedeschi Truck. If you are the first or second correct answer, you win. We won’t make this too difficult…the answers can be found in the respective reviews.

Read the Santana concert review here.

Read the Tedeschi Trucks Band concert review here.    

Fill out this form to win:

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