13th Floor New Song Of The Day: Edward Castelow – Baby It’s For You

You knew him as Dictaphone Blues, now he’s Edward Castelow and here’s his new song, Baby It’s For You.

We caught Edward at The Wine Cellar just last week and it was obvious then that he had new music coming along (along with a new baby). So here is Baby It’s For You and here’s the record company blurb:

In Edward’s words:

I guess this is my attempt at the classic love song. Like all the songs on this upcoming album, Baby It’s For You started with me lying in bed with my guitar finding a melody. It’s come so much further since that calm April morning and it wouldn’t be the same without those that appear on it, namely Julia Deans, Anna Coddington (bvs), Ben Sinclair, Callum Passells and Finn Scholes (horns).
The full album called Mirth is due in February 2021.

Edward Castelow is gliding out from behind the Dictaphone Blues moniker to release a tender album of songs under his own name. Written and recorded during 2020, Mirth is a nine-song collection of personal tales and reflections delivered in a rich baritone that is due for release early 2021.

Lead single Down By The Riverside flows and builds like the Hakatere (the river that severs Tinwald from Ashburton, the small town where Edward grew up), wandering through arresting chronicles and feel changes until it bursts into an escalating coda. The follow up is Baby It’s For You.

The songwriter responsible for the indie hits Her Heart Breaks Like A Wave and When Your
Simulation Crossed Mine has not only been trying to write more concise song titles, but has also turned his pen towards more personal subjects. Life and death, love and loss all move throughout the album in various guises and through the writing process, Edward tried to find some mirth within all of them.