Thursday, February 22, 2024
King Loser

King Loser – Dir: Cushla Dillon & Andrew Moore (Film Review)

King Loser documents the ups and (mostly) downs of one of the greatest unknown and underappreciated bands of the nineties. When I moved to New...
Anatomy Of A Fall

Anatomy Of A Fall Dir: Justine Triet (Film Review)

Anatomy Of  A Fall kicked off this year’s New Zealand International Film Festival at Auckland’s beloved Civic Theatre. It’s a Palm d’Or winner that...
Little Richard

Little Richard: I Am Everything Dir: Lisa Cortés (Film Review)

Little Richard: I Am Everything, the title of this documentary about the self-proclaimed “architect of rock & roll" is anything but understated, just like...
The Pope's Exorcist

The Pope’s Exorcist Dir: Julius Avery (Film Review)

The Pope's Exorcist is a supernatural horror film directed by Julius Avery that is equal parts spooky and silly, starring Russell Crowe as Father...

Magic Mike’s Last Dance – Dir: Steven Soderbergh (Film Review)

Magic Mike's Last Dance is a comedy-drama film by Steven Soderbergh that lacks both comedy and drama, while derivatively scraping the barrel of a...

Knock At The Cabin – Dir: M. Night Shyamalan (Film Review)

Knock at the Cabin is a psychological horror film by M. Night Shyamalan that unfortunately never utilises the impressive on-screen talent or thought-provoking terror of its original novel adaptation.

Tár – Dir: Todd Field (13th Floor Film Review)

Tár is a psychological drama film by Todd Field that offers a laborious examination of power, control, and the spiraling effects of losing both when acquired through success in the spotlight of a modern, critical society.

Babylon Dir: Damien Chazelle (Film Review)

Babylon seems like a tribute to Hollywood golden age. But is it a love letter to the movies from director Damien Chazelle or a ransom note?

M3GAN – Director Gerard Johnstone (Film Review)

M3GAN is an ultra-sharp and thought-provoking sci-fi horror film from director Gerard Johnstone, with outstanding performances and exceptional tension that build to an immensely terrifying and satisfying conclusion.
The Lost King

The Lost King – Dir: Stephen Frears (Film Review)

The Lost King is Richard III, but he was found in 2012 thanks to the exhaustive efforts of one Philippa Langley, or so the story goes.