French For Rabbits – Leech: 13th Floor New Song Of The Day

Latch onto French for Rabbits new single Leech from their forthcoming EP, In the End I Won’t Be Coming Home.

Here’s the record company blurb:

Enya is a not so surprising touchpoint for New Zealand ethereal dream-pop band French for Rabbits on their gut-punching new single ‘Leech’ – out today.

French For RabbitsWith soaring harmonies and romantic strings courtesy of The Black Quartet, the indie-ballad expresses the push and pull of love and is a firm favourite of their live set.

The second song to be shared from their forthcoming EP In the End I Won’t Be Coming Home recorded by Lee Prebble (Phoenix Foundation, Fly My Pretties, L.A.B) due for release on the 24th November, features impactful harmonies by Penelope Esplin and Phoebe Johnson (Revulva, Dateline, Heavy Chest).

Songwriter/vocalist Brooke Singer said of the recording “We listened to Enya on repeat while we were producing this, with ‘Orinoco Flow’ a definite touch point for the rhythm but we also wanted to make it our own”.

The new EP is currently available for pre-order on Bandcamp – digitally and on CD, alongside a special release on vinyl with the new EP In the End I Won’t Be Coming Home on side A and their debut 2012 EP Claimed by the Sea on side B.

Brooke, who is also a senior tutor at Massey’s College of Creative Arts, wrote an insightful blog post about the mechanics and economics of making an EP on their website.

Read on, and then go and pre-order!

If you’re seeking a slow burn ear-worm that’ll latch on and won’t let go – you can listen and add ‘Leech’ to your playlists here.

Pre-order Information

Pre-order ‘In the End I Won’t Be Coming Home’ x ‘Claimed by the Sea’ on vinyl

Pre-order ‘In the End I Won’t Be Coming Home’ on CD

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