Keira Wallace -Leap/Landing: 13th Floor New Song Of The Day

Once in a blue moon, an artist comes along whose songwriting craft feels as if it arrives fully formed. With heartfelt and intricate songs that display an emotional intelligence that defy expectations of one so young, Ōtepoti singer and songwriter Keira Wallace is such an artist.

Here is the blurb with more:

Keira WallaceAt only 17 years old, Keira (they/them) has already been hand picked to play in their home city with the likes of Mount Eerie (USA), Ebony Lamb, Tiny Ruins, Luke Buda, and more, playing well over a hundred shows to date. Now it is time for the rest of Aotearoa to be enchanted by the songs of Keira Wallace, with the announcement of their brand new single Leap / Landing.

About the Song:

Leap/Landing encourages understanding that to experience the peaks of life to their full, we must also endure the lows. The song tackles a fear of positive feelings when eventually, they all come to an end. Despite how these struggles can narrow our field of vision, support can be found in the people around us – people who will follow our leap and cushion every descent.

About the Artist:

Keira WallaceŌtepoti singer/songwriter Keira Wallace values the perfection in imperfection, embracing vulnerability to evoke immense feeling. Their cocooning vocals and intricate chord voicings weave folk and lo-fi indie influences to form sounds that wrap you in lasting warmth.

Keira is an incredible lyricist, placing 3rd in the Lion Foundation Lyric Awards judged by Don McGlashan. A 5-time Rockquest regional placeholder who made the top 10 NZ solo/duo acts, Keira has opened for Mount Eerie, Ebony Lamb, Luke Buda and Hollie Fullbrook (Tiny Ruins).

Keira is performing two single release shows including their first ever outside of Ōtepotii.
The Wine Cellar, Auckland 6th July with Calla opening. This will be impressive affair with Calla and Abigail supporting Keira on several songst. This is followed by a second gig at
Yours, Ōtepoti 19th July with Leigham Fitzpatrick (Mea Culpa) and Jesse Hanan (Ivy) opening.

“Lovely dreamlike images make for an arresting, intriguing lyric. The focus on object and senses, touch, sight and smell is consistent and gives the lyric a strong sense of itself.” – Don McGlashan (Blam Blam Blam, The Front Lawn, The Mutton Birds).

 Written and composed by Keira Wallace, Calla Knudson-Hollebon, Abigail Knudson, TJ ZEE

Produced by Abigail Knudson-Hollebon

Music video by Stella Caulton

Cover art by Keira Wallace

Mastered by Mike Gibson at Munki Studios, Wellington, NZ.

Keira Wallace