L.A. Edwards – Out Of The Heart Of Darkness (Bitchin’ Music)

L.A. Edwards is a band of brothers based in California. Big brother Luke is the chief voice and songwriter while Jerry and Jeff support.

Out Of The Heart Of Darkness is the third L.A. Edwards album and, despite its dark title, is more upbeat than most post-pandemic releases.

The previous two albums featured production assistance from former Heartbeakers bassist Ron Blair and drummer Steve Ferrone and so, not surprisingly, fans of T.P. will find plenty to like here.

And addition to the dark title, the album opens with a 30-second “Prelude”, what sounds like a child struggling…”the water, I couldn’t breathe, it was dark”…fortunately not children were harmed in the making of the album, and the heart of darkness brightens considerably with Little Boy Blue and guitar-based rocker that proves that even the losers get lucky sometimes.

And while Tom Petty’s stamp is all over this record I did notice that Edwards’ voice seemed to conjure up another lost artist…none other than John Denver.

This comes to light in Now You Know and Surrender, the former featuring a lovely El Condor Pasa-like flute while the latter is a moody love song.

Then L.A. goes for his Rocky Mountain High with Hi Rite Now! The jangly rocker is sure to be a concert favourite with its chorus of, ‘I wanna get high right now’…and the organ is a nice touch,

That organ reappears on Already Gone…not The Eagles chestnut, but an original that takes us from church to East L.A.

The group races to the finish line with Peace Be With You and finally The Lucky One, finishing this early entry to the new year on a much higher note than when it started.

Marty Duda

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