Proteins Of Magic – Divine Physics: New Song Of The Day

Proteins Of Magic release Divine Physics today, days after performing at Spore and in anticipation of a brand new EP titled Angel Hieroglyphics.

Here’s the lowdown from our friends at Particle Records:

Divine Physics, the first single from Proteins of Magic’s (Nashville/NZ) forthcoming EP ‘Angel Hieroglyphics’ sees Kelly Sherrod move from the cyber to the organic. Moments of synths anchor a spare voice and a piano. There’s darkness in it, heartache and loneliness. But confidence, too, of a multi-disciplinary artist wielding a wide range of genre and styles under her Proteins of Magic banner.

Premiered on online music magazine Foxy Digitalis, they wrote:

Proteins of Magic – the moniker of Kelly Sherrod creates a sonic minefield that surrounds and imbues her ecstasy-filled vocal performance. “Devil clipped your ticket too,” she spits over a torrid beat and emotional chord progression. “Tore my heart out just to find you,” her voice a spear straight to the heart. The tension comes in waves as the song continues its towering climb, and Sherrod’s incredible video performance almost eclipses the sun. Her cries echo through the sonic landscape, “I am just as scared as you,” a reassurance, a promise.”

The beginning of Divine Physics came from time in the depths of a haunting. Sherrod sat at the piano, frustrated to find a way to the skeleton of a new idea which couldn’t quite be reached. But frustration turned out to be the key, palpable, and driving into the core of the song like a collision in slow-motion.

“I started peeling away under the moss in my brain pieces of where I wanted to be.” Kelly says, “Through that struggle it felt like a divine moment when I wrote the first section of the song. It was like something telling me what to do to have access to my new world. It’s the first song where I felt like this was really me.”’

Divine Physics is the result of mass experimentation, from Proteins of Magic’s 2021 self titled album, to the 2022 live improvisational series Wishing Well, and single Lethal which reached Number 1 in the NZ Radioscope Alternative Charts, Number 1 in the SRN Top 10, and Number 2 on the bFM Top 10.

A protean artist whose lengthy experience as a producer, touring and recording musician for Punches (2003-09) and as a bass player for Dimmer (2007-09) has cemented an expertise across instruments as well as experiments in voice. Proteins of Magic is emerging in a new form entirely as herself.

Taking Divine Physics to the stage in Aotearoa in February and March, and dressed by fashion house Zambesi, Proteins of Magic is performing a 4 date headline tour across the North and South Island, plus Splore, Cross St Festival and Cuba Dupa festivals.

Catching Sherrod in the transition between touring Aotearoa, and heading out on tour to support William Crighton across the UK, Divine Physics sits in the space above the clouds, ready to pour into our world.

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