Watch Fiddle’s Pie’s Old Time Country Music & Dance Variety Show’s 13th Floor Video Session

Fiddle Pie PosterKiwi musician Flora Knight has scoured North America to assemble Fiddle Pie’s Old Time Country & Dance Variety Show. In addition to Knight, the act features four Americans and one Canadian playing various banjos, mandolins, fiddles, guitars and percussion instruments. Flora and her crew are in the middle of their New Zealand tour…they’ll be performing at Auckland’s Old Folks Association on Saturday, February 13th. You can see and hear what they’re all about by watching their 13th Floor Video Session.

Here are the remaining dates on their NZ tour:
Feb 11th: The Earth House – Peria
Feb 12th: Totara North Totara North Hall
Feb 13th: Auckland Old Folks Association Hall
Feb 14th: Matakana Matakana Sunday Sessions
Feb 16th: The Rogue Stage – Rotorua
Feb 17th: Waipawa Cactus Jacks
Feb 18th: Wellington Bluegrass Society – Petone