Weezer – Weezer (The White Album) (Album Review)

Welcome to the 10th album from the noisy pop geeks who clearly have a fixation with primary colours having previously released Blue, Red, and Green self titled records during their career. Maybe it’s all that weed they have been smoking “look at the colours man .. amazing I can see Blue, Red, Green and wait wait.. Oh man white.. so white”

It is an unashamedly California album that continues the guitar based sound of 2014’s Everything Will Be Alright as opposed to the electronic pop sound of previous albums Ratitude (2009) and Hurley (2010)

Lead singer and principal songwriter Rivers Cuomo describes it as a beach album inspired by hanging out in Westside Los Angeles where one can meet girls and get high. Hence the first three singles Thank God For Girls, Do You Wanna Get High and King Of The World. As you would expect close harmonies and soaring melody lines abound. Add the crunchy down strumming guitar of opener California Kids some power chords and a dash of feedback and you get the idea.

Wind in Our Sails has an anthemic Taylor Swift like chorus and  (Girl We Got a) Good Thing is Pop with a capitol P. The piano bounce of Jacked Up makes for a nice relief from the over-driven guitar symphonies and  Endless Bummer brings everything to a sunset with the sound of the ocean and seagulls. If this is your first Weezer album, then good news, you’ve picked a good one.

If you already own Pinkerton and either the Blue Album, The Green Album or the Red Album some of this may feel like familiar territory but painted with with a modern production brush.

Still there’s always room in my record collection for another Weezer album when it’s as good as this one. I love the beach and the ocean they are some of my favourite places to be  but last time I went I got stung by small jellyfish, had to avoid large sandcrabs and hurt my lower back bodysurfing. Maybe I should have stayed home and listened to this album while staring at the colours.

Brent Giblin

Click here to listen to (Girl We Got A) Good Thing from Weezer (The White Album):