13th Floor New Song Of The Day: Fagan & The People – On Channel Me

Today we bring you new music from Andrew Fagan. 

On Channel Me is a commentary on social media presented in several different styles and several different video clips. The song will appear on Andrew’s upcoming album, Act Normal.

Here’s the record company blurb with more info:

Andrew Fagan (Fagan and The People) returns with a satirical take on today’s social media preoccupied society. Being an amateur social anthropologist, it is a topic close to his heart. Listen to new track ‘On Channel Me’ below, off Fagan’s forthcoming solo album Act Normal. Today he shares the music videos for the feisty number in its different versions below.

Watch ‘On Channel Me’ videos here

“This culture of unselfconscious self-promotion and relentless emotive connectivity redefines the concepts of self-absorption and self-obsession. Personally I find it all a bit unnecessary. It also makes it harder for me to get noticed…” says Fagan.

An understated master songwriter of societal observation, Fagan has created a frantic and frenetic commentary on the compulsion to overshare information on social media channels, and the vanity that creates.

Fagan’s career spans over 40 years, from his time as frontman of New Wave group The Mockers to his ongoing solo career. His solo material over the years, performing with his band Fagan and The People, includes ‘Sardonic Social Commentary’ classics such as ‘Exciting’, ‘Astonishment’, ‘Now You Know’, ‘Blame Me’, ‘Get Light’, ‘Religion’, ‘Messiah’ and ‘Jerusalem’.

Fagan’s last release, the spoken word album of poetry titled It Was Always Going To Be Like This coincided with his New Zealand tour with John Cooper Clarke in 2018.

Listen to ‘On Channel Me’ below. Pick which version of the track is selected for tracklisting on the new album at Fagan and The People’s Facebook page here. One song, four different versions.

Stay tuned for Fagan and The People tour dates in select locations around Aotearoa to celebrate the album release!

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