13th Floor New Song Of The Day: Foals – Black Bull

They were just here a few weeks ago, and now they’ve release a new single…it’s Foals with Black Bull.

Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Pt.2 is due to be released on October 18 and will be the band’s second full-length album to see the light of day in 2019 as they released Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Pt.1 back in March.

According to Foals front man Yannis Philippakis,

“Part two is a heavier listen, the guitars are more emphasized and there’s some big riffs on it. It’s a rock record and it definitely carries on the narrative from part one. Part one ended with a lot of fire and destructive imagery, part two is trying to respond to that: how you can continue in the wreckage and through the scorched earth?”

Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost — Part 2  Tracklist:
01. Red Desert
02. The Runner
03. Wash Off
04. Black Bull
05. Like Lightning
06. Dreaming Of
07. Ikaria
08. 10,000 Feet
09. Into the Surf
10. Neptune