13th Floor New Song Of The Day: Marina Allen – Original Goodness

Today we have new music from Marina Allen to bring to you. The song is called Original Goodness and its from the upcoming album, Candlepower.

The 13th Floor’s Marty Duda just spoke to Marina Allen about this song and the new album, which is out in June. Look for the interview to be posted soon. Meanwhile, here is the record company blurb with more info:

Out today, Marina Allen releases her breathtaking new single ‘Original Goodness’, a gorgeous piece of isolated reflection, cut from her debut album ‘Candlepower’ out 4th June on Fire Records.

An alluring narrator of difficult times, Marina Allen bares her soul on ‘Original Goodness’, a stripped back introspective muse permeated by lost letters and past memories, trophies, hopes and fears.

“There’s no hiding from this one. The lyrics and melody flooded out one long afternoon. I didn’t think I would end up revealing it but I couldn’t resist its hold on me.” Marina Allen

The accompanying video is a hazy projection of escapism, a Bogdanovich vision of small town America, grainy, timeless and completely engaging. Shot in Louisiana and back home in Marina’s LA bedroom, it aches with a longing for lost days.

Marina Allen offers kitchen table tales about love and fear, the capturing of the wild heart, sketching the breaking of dawn, bringing real life back to life.

‘Candlepower’ is so confident and crystal clear, so full of masterfully crafted songs and purely emotive performances, that you feel like you’ve loved it all before as it twists and turns. A moving, hard-to-believe balancing act that crosses genres and invariably flows unapologetically, succinctly, and spine-tinglingly to a glorious conclusion. Amid the euphoria, you hear rhymes and end rhythms, rumours and fact. Tales of the unexpected.

A voice that surfs many musical tangents and stings with honesty, ‘Candlepower’ is a juxtaposition of melodies, an achingly beautiful set of songs set against the clank of the mundane world, a beguiling commentary on the everyday and everywhere.

Marina Allen

Pre-order link : https://fire-records.lnk.to/MarinaAllenCP