13th Floor New Song Of The Day: Skux – Painted Blank

New York/New Zealand, by way of Alaska punks Skux have released their new single, Painted Blank. 

The tune precedes Skux’s new EP, Kudis, due to be released on August 23rd. Here’s the record company blurb with deets:

Lead singer, Ayisha Jaffer shares insight to the new single, “Painted Blank is the relationship closure song that your brain was culminating but your mouth didn’t let you say or perhaps your emotions spat them out in a different, more destructive way. This track demands reflection and accountability from partners of the past who would prefer to “click delete” and paint all of their memories blank. In the same breath, I also make it clear that the end does not mean that you have any less value or power, nor do you have to lose the memories you wanted to keep. When all is done and dusted then you dust that dirt off your shoulders and keep the rest.”

Skux is the alter ego of Ayisha Jaffer in her emerging project that was spawned musically from a love of punk and a life-long admiration of the riot girl movement. With material co-written with Dan Walker of The Death Set, Jaffer performs live with her band between New Zealand, New York, and everywhere in between. Current location: Alaska.

Following the chart-topping success of ‘On Her Way’ from double A-side single The Two Sides of She in 2016 and adopting a punk-rock/park-ranger lifestyle in Alaska away from home, Skux returns with a new single and announces her debut EP Kudis due August 23rd.

Kudis is a public service announcement to wake up, don’t just make noise, action your concerns and conquer your goals. Don’t take yourself too seriously or those kudis will find you. The five-track EP explores several different genres of punk including the heavy stuff and nostalgic nods to the punk-rock era. Kudis is about expressing angst, love, carving your own path and defeating those dang kudis who’ve created an epidemic of haters that infect our minds and the world. Join Skux in the battle against kudis.