13th Floor New Song Of The Day: Sparrows – Gold In The Tide ft. Fazerdaze

In case you were wondering what Fazerdaze has been up to, check out this new tune from Japan’s Sparrows.

Sparrows is the nom de plum of Ryota Miyake who also plays with the synth band Crystal. Sparrows’ new EP, leads off with Gold In The Tide, featuring the vocal contribution of Fazerdaze’s Amelia Murray.

Here’s the record company blurb with more info:

With its propellant organic beat and light, galloping guitar strums, the kinetic ‘Gold In The Tide’ fits the theme of travel that so often underpins the work of Sparrows (aka Ryota Miyake, component of electro-meisters CRYSTAL).

Minor key guitar melodies summon the mystery of travel, unravelling like a path through a misty forest, whilst brass blares feel celebratory: driving a coastal highway as the sun gleams on the waves. A fitting fanfare for the FLAU family.

‘Gold In The Tide’ will appear on Sparrows’ upcoming EP of the same name, out on July 12th, as well as forthcoming album Berries (scheduled for a September release).

“It’s an old song,” says Sparrows. “About 10 years old. But after hearing her voice at RBMA, I decided Fazerdaze would be a best fit, so I asked her to write the lyrics and sing for me.”

The breathy, faraway croons of Faderdaze give this soundtrack a human side, bringing a forlorn but carefree atmosphere to the proceedings. Elsewhere on the Gold In The Tide EP, ‘Saturn’ plays out like a cosmic lounge track, whereas the percussive ‘Rainbow In Your Cheek Patch’ takes you on an icy subterranean journey to the EP closer: ‘(I Found) Fuzzy Plastics’, which sounds like discovering a parade of cute creatures in a grove.

Ascendant Japanese Synth Maestro

When he was 13 years old, Ryota Miyake fashioned an instrument out of a cardboard tissue box and a rubber band, and recorded a loop of himself playing his impromptu guitar. Since then, he’s taken his interest in tape recordings into an experimental pop zone. As part of the band Crystal, he crafts music that weaves together influences like the Warp label’s early releases, the soundtrack to Sega’s Out Run and the pop-leaning melodies of The Beatles. Recording on his own as Sparrows, Ryota’s music heads in a more intimate direction, as he flirts with folk and ambient vibes to conjure up woozy avant-garde synth pop concoctions.