13th Floor New Song Of The Day: The Tiz – Happiness Sighs

A good new music Friday to you! And we get you’re day going with this dreamy little gem from Taranaki based home recording artist The Tiz who has released his new single Happiness Sighs.

Yep, new music from the Naki…The Tiz (Kayleb Duckett) is happening. Here’s the blurb:

Riding the success of his debut single Jamaican Rum, bedroom rocker The Tiz is back with an unexpected change of pace. While the debut was a fast paced, rockabilly meets psychedelia number, Happiness Sighs provides a cool, mellow and atmospheric glimpse into the calmer side of the musician.

Featuring lush, spacey backing vocals from fellow Taranaki local Olivia Day, Wellington drummer extraordinaire Jack Fish and The Tiz himself Kayleb Duckett on lead vocals, guitar, bass and synthesizer, the ballad is packed full of rich sonic experimentation that is equal parts startling as it is soothing.





Marty Duda
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