NZ Metal round up Feb 6th 2014

Well, it’s Waitangi day and already the Prime Minister has declared his envy of the dictatorial powers of Frank Bainimarama, the south island is on fire, and it snowed overnight on the desert road. I’ve been pretty absent for a while now, because of issues far too boring to discuss, yet it’s soon to be the year of the goat, and what better omen for a year of metal , already we have some fucking killer shows coming up.

We of course have WESTFEST on Tuesday the 3rd of March, and recently Mayhem was added to the lineup;  therefore becoming much more attractive. I’ve seen a decent chunk of the bands on the bill (major exception is Papa Roach; I didn’t even realise they still existed…or had any fans) and it looks to be a pretty fun gig. Click here to read more of Tove’s Heavy Metal Round-up.