A Letter From The Kings Arms

This just in from the folks at The Kings Arms…

A letter from the Kings Arms:

It’s fair to say that the last week and a half has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride. If you’ve been stuck in a bubble the past week and a half, let’s just say that there has been a cacophony of news coverage, social media posts, and “lively debate” around the events that surrounded the shut down of the Windhand and Cough show at the Kings Arms last Saturday week.

Enough has been said since then so rather than go over what has already been published (you can read the Stuff article for that and make your own opinion up), we just wanted to take this opportunity to relay a very simple message…..

To all of our loyal, dedicated and appreciated patrons, customers, and supporters of live music, we want you to know that¬†it is “business as usual” at the Kings Arms this week and into the future.¬†In fact, we are absolutely committed to bringing you the best live music entertainment Auckland (and NZ) has to offer right up until our last day of business in 2018 – and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Rest assured, we have recently met with Auckland Council, and as we always have, are taking full measures to ensure we are complying with their requirements around noise level parameters for future gigs. On the subject of those noise levels, we’re proud to see that there are many others who feel just as passionate about the general threat facing the live music industry in Auckland, as a result of the recent incident. An independent petition to be delivered to the Auckland City Council and kickstarted by the Auckland Music Collective has now climbed to over 2200 signatures with more needed. You can check out the petition and sign it today if you feel strongly enough about the issue.

Thanks for hearing us out.


  1. Noise Control Rules must have changed .it Used to be 3 complaints per Night. and you got 2 warnings before they came to remove the Sound gear. .the 3rd time. This was Two Complaints on Two Separate Nights. .from ONE neighbor .not all the people in the Same Apartment Just One person. And yes if you are Burgled and Call the Cops they Don’t Turn up. But they Love a Confrontation and Turn up in Force 14 police to a Rock Music Event Expecting Violence so the Complaint then has More Impact ie the Police were Pelted with Bottles at a Music Venue after a Noise Complaint, the Council and Police then Closed the Venue or removed the License from the Venue putting it out of Business . Sad Maybe the person had the Window open if it was a Hot night or Did Not Like the Style of Music played that night.

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