Adam Hattaway & The Haunters – Salt: New Song Of The Day

Adam Hattaway & The Haunters release “sad, soaring rock stomper” Salt and announce forthcoming album, Bug Eyes.

Here’s the record company blurb with more:

Adam HattawayOnly 9 months since their last album, this slinky, sad, soaring rock stomp fest of a tune takes the alternative rock edge from their 3rd album ‘Woolston, Texas’, and builds on the lyrical themes and songwriting depth of its follow up, ‘Rooster’.

This is where all the dots start to join. It’s old, new and totally Haunters.
‘Salt’is the first single and opening track of the Haunters upcoming 5th (??!!) album, ‘Bug Eyes’ (out November 4th).
The propulsive, unrelenting force behind the song came from extensive jamming in the lead up to recording this album – something that permeates the general sound of ‘Bug Eyes‘ as they explore new feels and styles, all the while sticking close to the core of what the Haunters have always done, just a little closer to the DANCE ZONE.

”I sat down at the piano and started pounding this out. It’s one of the few songs I’ve written that came out all in one go.  Basically I started playing and went through the verse and chorus in about the time it takes to play the song. Most of the lyrics came out in one go too. I know I was hating myself when I wrote it”

‘Bug Eyes’ out November 4th, is now available for digital pre-order
as well as on Compact Disc & Vinyl

Adam Hattaway

Adam Hattaway & The Haunters

Adam Hattaway and the Haunters are initiating a new generation into the temple of alt-rock’n’roll. As a seasoned touring band with four studio albums, A.H. explore personal themes while weaving in universal motifs – star crossed lovers, losers, and lonesome travellers.

Forever shaking hands with heartache, Adam Hattaway lives close to the bone. From his home in Ōtautahi, he has earned an international reputation for sweltering hooks, high-kicks, and raw, emotional narrative. A born frontman, he deftly marries 60’s swagger with 21st century sensitivity.

The Haunters are Adam Hattaway (The Eastern, Wurld Series), Elmore Jones (3000AD, Katie Thompson), Liam Quinn, Tess Liautaud, Thomas Isbister (Deep Water Creek, No Broadcast) and Holdyn Skinner.

After releasing their debut alternative-indie album in 2018 ‘All Dat Love’ the Haunters quickly took to festival stages around Aotearoa, playing Nostalgia, The Great Kiwi Beer Festival, Nest Fest & The South Island Wine & Food Festival.

The Haunters released their second album ‘Crying Lessons’ produced by Delaney Davidson. The 60’s R&B inspired album reached number 7 on the official New Zealand album charts and had their single ‘Heartbreak Heart’ play on the Netflix TV series ‘The Sinner’.

In 2021 the alternative- rock and roll scorcher, ‘Woolston, Texas’ was released to rave reviews. All the while, the band continued to keep moving with what has basically been their ‘never ending tour’.

The stripped down, roots-country, rock ‘n’ roll ,double album, ‘Rooster’, released in November ’21, broke into the international market being playlisted on more than 40 US radio stations and hitting number 16 on the New Zealand album charts.

Since, Hattaway has joined Marlon Williams on stage, produced several albums including Al Park’s ‘Pony’ as well as Anthea Struthers’ forthcoming debut album, and appeared in the 2021 Going Global Summit.

Fresh out of the studio, Adam Hattaway & The Haunters are releasing their 5th album on November 4th. ”Hattaway is just as neurotic and depressed as the last record, only this time he wants to dance”…

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