Alayna – Just So You Won’t Be Alone, today’s Song of the Day

Alayna signs to label Nettwerk and shares a new track, the exquisite Just So You Won’t Be Alone. It is Alayna’s first new material since her 2020 EP, Tender.

Alayna’s new track Just So You Won’t AlaynaBe Alone is today’s song of the day! Here is what the media blurb has to tell.

Known for blending dazzling contemporary R&B and soul sounds with a modern twist, Just So You Won’t Be Alone dances eloquently between the two genres as Alayna weaves the two worlds together with her soulful voice.

Just So You Won’t Be Alone was written a bit in a fantasy, where I give myself power to stand up for myself,” Alayna explained. “I’m a really passive person so I can never let anger boil for too long. I even falter with my power halfway through the song and doubt myself and my conviction. It’s a few minutes of trying to wrangle with the complicated feelings of loving someone, trying to love myself, wanting to feel powerful, wanting to forgive, wanting to forget. It’s a short and sharp flame that ignites in a blaze of defensiveness and cools into self-awareness and sadness just as quickly. It’s quite different for me, and just another piece of my humanness.”

Currently based in Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland, Alayna has been an avid explorer of herself for years, and, though she’s only just coming to terms with herself, she realizes that she’ll be ever-changing, evolving, and continuing to figure things out. Her upcoming new material throughout 2022 sees Alayna slowly transition from an R&B and soulful singer to a singer-songwriter where her lyrical skills truly shine. Growing up listening to heavyweights such as Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, Alayna’s writing depth could be attributed to these influences and the experiences that shaped her.

Alayna’s debut EP Sweet Soul was released back in 2018 and amassed over 30+ million streams. The single Falling Autumn reached #8 on Spotify’s US Viral chart and got spins on BBC Radio 1. The EP’s closing track Between Dusk And Dawn is an emotionally raw ballad she co-wrote with Grammy Award-winning Finneas. Her acclaimed sophomore EP Tender came out in 2020, in which HillyDilly said she “has one of the best voices, and her delicate melodies are second-to-none… she continues to impress on each release.” Alayna is currently working on her debut full-length studio album for Nettwerk.