Album Review: Dope Lemon – Rose Pink Cadillac (BMG)

Dope Lemon finally rolls out their Rose Pink Cadillac after being postponed due to “vinyl delay”. This new solo album by Angus Stone should be ready to go, complete with its “Animated Vinyl”.

While Rose Pink Cadillac may have been originally slated for a November release, I must say that it sounds like it was made to be played in the sweltering heat of January.

Angus has spent the better part of the year, working feverishly during lockdown to create what is essentially, his new solo album (you also know him as one-half of Aussie sibling duo Angus & Julia Stone).

Before we get into the music, let’s touch on just what this animated vinyl thingy is all about.  Watch the video here and all will be revealed.

Ok, so the record looks cool…what about the music?

As Angus mentions in the video, Rose Pink Cadillac is a record of two sides. Side one being the “daytime” side while Side 2 is the darker “nighttime” side.

Yes, the mood does evolve from the sunny opener title track through to album closer Shadows In The Moonlight, but there are no jarring mood swings, but rather a gentle push into that late night groove.

Make no mistake, this is a record that’s all about the groove, whether created by Angus as on Kids Fallin’ In Love or appropriated from other sources such as track three, Howl With Me, which features what sounds like a healthy sample from a 1971 funk track called Jungle Fever by Belgian band The Chakachas. Check it out here:

Angus has added a smokin’ guitar solo at the end to make the tune (somewhat) his own.

The psychedelic groove continues with Stingray Pete’s reggae-ish beat followed by Sailor’s Delight, a long, languid “tale of a local dusty legend”.

The highlight of the record appears in the form of Every Day Is A Holiday, a watery wade into the deep end with help from Winston Surfshirt (aka Brett Ramson) along with Doveman on keys and a complete horn section.

Things do get darker, stranger and more distorted as we flip the record over. French chanteuse Louise Verneuil’s voice helps drive High Rollin’ while God’s Machete finds Angus with “a monster in my head’.

Yep, Dope Lemon squeezed this one out just in time to get us through those lazy, hazy days of summer. Let’s see how it sounds in winter!

Marty Duda

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