Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip) Announces Solo Show at Tuning Fork

Known as the lead vocalist of Grammy-nominated indietronica act Hot Chip, Alexis Taylor will share his intimate piano work at The Tuning Fork on October the 18th in a pared-down solo show featuring his critically acclaimed solo material along with a sprinkling of his favourite covers and reinterpretations of much-loved Hot Chip hits.

Hailed for his sparse and vulnerable sound, Alexis Taylor’s piano albums have received praise for their emotional fragility and bare-bones piano work that showcases his smooth vocal quality and masterful songwriting ability.

Taylor is no stranger to wearing his heart on his sleeve, Piano takes that notion one step further— it’s as if Taylor is taking his heart out for everyone to see, then discreetly leaving it on your coffee table” – Pitchfork

His solo piano albums were inspired by the death of friend and long time collaborator Vince Sipprell and have since been hailed as his most straightforward and personal work, exploring the ideologies of spirituality, mortality and creativity.

Pre-sales will be available for My Ticketmaster members from Tuesday the 12th of September at 3pm and to the general public from Thursday the 14th of September at 12 noon.