Alice Glass – Love Is Violence: New Song Of The Day

Alice Glass gets gory….and we mean gory! Check out the video for new song Love Is Violence if you can stomach it.

Her new album, Prey//IV, has been pushed back to February 16th, but here’s a new tune hold you until then. And what about Love Is Violence? Here’s a statement from Alice:

Alice Glass“Almost everyone can relate to the sometimes unbearable ups and downs that occur in relationships, but for those of us who have dealt with manipulative or toxic partners, there is a whole other layer of pain. Any person who uses their partner’s ‘love’ to control, use, and hurt them is using one of the most cruel and disgusting manipulative tactics in human experience.

“Disguising power struggles and calling it ‘Love’ it’s a form of violence against a partner,” Glass continues. “I want to help people to see those red flags and encourage them to remove themselves from those types of toxic situations.”

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