Alison Goldfrapp – The Love Invention (Skint/BMG) ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Alison Goldfrapp

Alison Goldfrapp, as one half of electro-pop duo Goldfrapp, has released seven albums that have traversed across multiple genres including glam, folk, dance, disco and trip-hop, producing some memorable dancefloor bangers.

But given the dearth of new Goldfrapp beats since 2017, it seems Alison has ditched democracy and gone her own way to present her debut solo album The Love Invention in 2023.

Alison GoldfrappAlison Goldfrapp‘s trademark voice is paramount, her soprano vocal range is instantly recognisable, and as she travelled (digitally) during Covid, across the disco clubs of the world, she has cherry-picked influences and synthesised the energy into electro beat heavy beds for her ethereal singing.

From the Pet Shop Boys-esque title track Love Invention to the ’90s Italo-disco influenced Gatto Gelato (an album highlight) onto the UK housey (think C+C Music Factory) Never Stop and Fever (This Is the Real Thing) and the (slow to get going, but worth waiting for) Scritti Politti/New Order sounding In Electric Blue the energy is (mostly) driven and addictive.

Not every song is a banger or an album success, SloFo is an attempt by Alison to push her creative boundaries, but it seems to drag, and gets lost at the end of the album’s narrative. Subterfuge is a little more upbeat but is unfocused and feels a little out of place competing with bangers like Gatto Gelato and Never Stop.

But, on the whole, The Love Invention delivers in swathes, and it’s clear Alison Goldfrapp intends to make you sweat on the dancefloor (or in your lounge)


Simon Coffey

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Simon Coffey