Anna Coddington – Q Theatre Loft: July 12, 2023

Anna Coddington

Anna Coddington and her band The Appreciations debuted a half-dozen new songs last night at Mahuta: Music For Matariki at the Q Theatre Loft.

Anna CoddingtonAnna’s previous album was 2020’s Beams, and the 35-minute set got underway with Night Class, a tune from that album, which, as Anna explained, was inspired by her efforts to learn to speak Te Reo Maori.

And then hearing Anna sing new songs such as Kahurangi, Katuarehe and Tomina proved that those lessons were well learned.

Anna also explained that she had ‘just recorded a bunch of new songs’ and they are, ‘quite different to my previous output’.

Then, as Anna and the band launched into the first new song, Kahurangi, it became apparent that her new sound incorporated R&B and funk.

Anna CoddingtonThe band was led by guitarist Jol Mulholland, and featured Fen Ikner (of Lipps) on drums and keys, Davidda Hikatangata on keys and drums and the always reliable Mike Hall on bass.

The third song performed was so new, it hadn’t even been named yet.

As the set progressed, the crowd moved forward and by the end, there was a good number on the dance floor, getting down with the sound.

And the songs seemed to get better as well, with Up To You and Gainz, both favourites here, especially when Anna took up her trusty cowbell.

Anna and The Appreciations closed with Beams, the title track from the previous album. But this show was more about looking forward than back. We’ll certainly be looking out for Anna Coddington’s new album as this preview was something special.

Marty Duda

Anna Coddington setlist:

  1. Night Class
  2. Kahurangi
  3. New One
  4. Katuarehe
  5. Tomina
  6. Up To You
  7. Gainz
  8. Beams
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Marty Duda
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