Ant Tarrant – Don’t Touch Me: New Song Of The Day

Ant Tarrant fronts up with a new tune…it’s called Don’t Touch Me and he’s made a video to go along with it.

Here’s what Ant has to say about it:

Ant TarrantDon’t Touch Me Song

Funky, fresh and a little foolish, Ant Tarrant has released a gem of a slow, sexy groove. Don’t Touch Me was inspired by a dream he had in Mallorca, Spain and later turned into a deep tune about giving out all your love to someone without holding back. Crafted in Ant’s studio, Sundream Studios, the song has a driving vocal, kick and electric guitar from start to finish with a very raw sentiment. You know when someone isn’t giving their all in a situation? This is a song to help get those love juices back and that confidence sky high.

Don’t Touch Me Video

Ant TarrantThe music video is something only lockdown boredom could’ve produced. Ant decided to try his luck making his own music video with short 5 seconds clips of cartoon animals he found. He turned them into a full on love story with a beginning, middle and end. The story follows two cute little frogs who obviously have a few problems in their relationship. It sifts through other couples in the form of cows, pigs and even unicorns and ends up as a huge animal dance party. Wildly creative, comical and a tad raunchy it combines themes of love, rejection and desire into an animated world. Bet you’ve never seen a video quite like this one.


Ant TarrantAfter travelling the world countless times, Ant is back funking up the studio and the dance floors. This producing, singing, multi-instrumentalist is set to release a handful of songs over the NZ summer that will make you move, cry, laugh and feel genuinely euphoric. His latest adventures in Latin America, Europe & the USA resulted in Ant meeting hit songwriters, producers and a few confused taxi drivers. He’s spent most of his adult life on the road and now is the proud owner of Sundream Studios based in Auckland. His days consist of producing for other artists, co-writing songs and hitting the beach. Funky grooves and singalong choruses intertwine with the deep rawness of his voice to create an unique, modern sound. He has one of the best loop shows on the internet and he’s been known to make up songs from crowd suggestions on the spot. With a band or without, he’s found his style and is planning to take his vibe back around the world in 2022.

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