Anthea de Milo – Dead Sea: New Song Of The Day

Anthea de Milo announces a new album, The Vicar’s Daughter, and releases a new song & video, Dead Sea.

Here’s the blurb with more:

Today Anthea de Milo has announced her debut album
‘The Vicar’s Daughter’ out December 2nd, 2022.

AntheaAlongside today’s announcement Lyttelton’s soul singing powerhouse has released
her second single and video ‘Dead Sea’ 
In this haunting, euphonious, siren song, ”snapshots are taken from chapters of a life with heart wrenching accuracy”

Watch the accompanying video by Jason Larraman,
It’s a slow and stunning journey to the truth that unfolds.

‘The Vicar’s Daughter’ is available for pre-order digitally and on CD & Vinyl
Pre order here via Bandcamp.


Anthea de Milo

Anthea de Milo (Anthea Struthers) – the vicar’s daughter, clown/goddess, mama, saint/sinner/singer and soulful songwriter.

For Anthea, as a child singing for hours every Sunday in the church was her escape into the realms of another world.
Spending Wednesday nights with The Eastern in Lyttelton, Adam Mcgrath told her, ”you gotta write your own music”, so she did.
Forming the country, rock’n’roll machine Runaround Sue, she recorded 2 albums and performed on many bills including with The Motels. Also heard on the Harbour Union soundtrack and Al Park’s ‘Better Already’.
Never wanting to be pigeon-holed, Struthers then started doom band Saint Satori with artist Jason Grieg, recording a stunning album at
The Sitting Room, produced by Delaney Davison.

This latest incarnation has Anthea going back to her roots.
having danced with the devil and hung with the Gods,
anyone who has seen her live will know the metaphysical
magic that she can inspire,
the broken beauty of the outsider.

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