Arahi – There’s Nothing Like It: New Song

Arahi releases There’s Nothing Like It along with tour dates!

Here’s the record company blurb with details:

The exceptionally talented up and coming artist Arahi has released the retrospective new single and video ‘There’s Nothing Like It’, out today.

ArahiLike a long awaited exhale, ‘There’s Nothing Like It’ is delicate and transcendent; with emotive, soaring string sections weaving in and out of Arahi’s warm vocals, matched against a raw piano. The sound is a chance for people to relinquish themselves of the weight on their shoulders, really dive into the music and allow themselves to believe that some things can’t be explained in words.

“In its broadest form, the track speaks to the many phenomena we encounter as humans breezing through life, that bear no comparisons, and offer up no words of explanation,” says Arahi. “The single touches on being in the midst of such inexplicable phenomena and just how skewed our perspectives and priorities can become.”

Recorded at Roundhead Studios, the single was produced by Dave Khan, mixed bySteven Marr and mastered by Chris Chetland of Kog Studios.

“‘There’s Nothing Like It’ is the first song to be released since we’ve started recording at Roundhead Studios,” explains Arahi. “The piano and string section were recorded live together in Studio B with a conductor, which allowed the song to ebb and flow naturally.”

Also out today is the accompanying video, featuring Arahi performing the song on a gorgeous white grand piano, in the breathtaking outdoor setting of trees and nature.

There’s Nothing Like It’ follows on from the already released single ‘The Best Thing I’ve Ever Seen’, and is just more proof that Arahi is without question one of this country’s most idiosyncratic emerging artists.

Although not a household name (yet!), he has built a reputation as a bona fide artistic soul, who juxtaposes classic and contemporary sound with an eclectic, eccentric band. Always with a flair for the theatrical, he continues to push the boundaries of indie music and leaves his audience wanting more.

Today’s release is a hint at what’s to come from this brilliant artist; with the kind of thoughtfulness and honesty of ‘There’s Nothing Like It’ being a theme entwined throughout future projects. Experience his music in person, by catching Arahi on his 6-date national tour, kicking off in Napier on July 15.

Arahi – ‘There’s Nothing Like It’ – piano tour 2022

Church Road Winery, Napier – Friday July 15
Mt Eden Village Church, Auckland – Friday August 12
Leigh Sawmill, Leigh – Saturday August 13
The Yard, Raglan – Friday August 19
The Jam Factory, Tauranga – Saturday August 20
Meow, Wellington – Sunday August 28

Tickets on sale HERE

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