Arcade Fire – The Reflektor Tapes Dir: Kahlil Joseph


The Arcade Fire crew are revving up to release a new album sometime this year.  To help remind you why you may (or may not) care about them, their 2015 film, The Reflektor Tapes is now out on DVD/Blu Ray.

This 75-minute film was directed by Kahlil Joseph and premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, September 2015.

It’s basically a pastiche of highly stylized live footage shot mainly in Jamaica, Haiti and Earls Court in London.  Interspersed with the live band footage are very colourful Mardi Gras-like celebrations in Haiti, where bandmember Regine Chassagne’s family is from.

There are also interview voice overs from Regine and bandleader Win Butler with the two of them commenting on their creative process and their own relationship…they are married.

There is no real linear story, just a blur of images and music taken from the band’s Reflektor Tour between 2012 and 2014.

For those looking to experience the band in their full concert-performing glory, a second disc features their show recorded at Earls Court in June, 2014.

As far as new music goes, the band has released one song this year…I Give You Power, featuring a vocal contribution from Mavis Staples.

Arcade Fire is on the road in the next few months, no doubt their fifth album will follow shortly.

Marty Duda