Arun O’Connor – Repeat Heartache: 13th Floor New Song Of The Day

Arun O’Connor‘s new track “Repeat Heartache” follows on the heels of his charting debut album Songs from the Reading Room, continuing Arun’s hit-making trajectory.

Here’s the blurb with more:

Arun O'ConnorRepeat Heartache’s catchy tune and insightful lyrics are testament to Arun’s songwriting mastery, showcasing his instinct for a great chorus hook and a message that is universal for all listeners.

Produced by award-winning Nashville producer Jay Tooke and recorded at Roundhead Studios in Auckland, “Repeat Heartache” was borne out of trauma from the loss of someone special. Arun says, “Repeat Heartache” is my most personal song to date, touching the hearts of those who have mourned the loss of a friend or family member. It reminds us that tough times will come, and the pain may sometimes feel as fresh as when they left us. However, this pain also serves as a reminder of how much these people meant to us. It is through intense emotions that we keep them alive in our memories, even through difficult moments. “Repeat Heartache” is a song that encourages us to remember the hard times but also the many happier moments, and to honour our loved ones who have passed.”

“Repeat Heartache” is out on Thursday 18 January 2024 through all streaming platforms.
Arun O'ConnorArun O’Connor Bio:

Born and raised in the deep south of New Zealand, Arun O’Connor is a revered musician who has made significant contributions to the local music scene over the past 17 years. With extensive experience as a session musician and musical director, O’Connor has had the privilege of collaborating with renowned international artists including Jody Direen, Kayla Mahon, Susanne Prentice, Tom Sharplin, and The Heartleys. Additionally, he has also showcased his outstanding vocal abilities as the frontman for local cover and tribute bands.

In 2018, O’Connor’s exceptional talent was recognized when he won the prestigious NZ Gold Guitar Awards Senior Overall Award. As a result of this achievement, he was granted the opportunity to record his debut single, “Following The Line,” in Nashville with producer Jay Tooke. The song quickly gained popularity, reaching the impressive positions of #2 on the NZ iTunes Country Charts and #11 on the Official NZ Music NZ Hot Singles Charts. Building upon this success, O’Connor’s subsequent single, “Let Go Of My Heart,” soared to the top spot on the NZ iTunes Country Charts.

Despite the challenges posed by the global pandemic, O’Connor remained resilient and began writing songs for his highly-anticipated debut album, Songs From The Reading Room. Released on April 22nd 2022, the album features charting singles “Too Far Gone,” “Star Of Your Own Show,” and “When The Lights Go Down (In This Town).”

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