Bird Machine – Closure: 13th Floor New Song Of The Day

Alternative rock-pop duo Bird Machine (Jenna and Luke Grbin) have today released their hotly anticipated, candid new single Closure.

Here’s the blurb with details:

Bird MarchineEmploying Bird Machine’s signature dreamy aesthetic, ‘Closure’ is an ethereal mix of electronic and organic sounds. Staying true to their D.I.Y. ethos, the song was recorded and mixed entirely by the pair in their suburban home studio.

For Bird Machine, the new track serves as a measure of their evolving style. ‘Closure’ actually emerged while resurrecting a much earlier song which had never been produced. In the process, it was reworked into something quite different to the original, but has benefitted from springboarding off that initial spark of inspiration.

Not ones to sit still, Luke and Jenna discuss what’s behind their ever-morphing sound.

“We’ve found our own sound is still evolving as we find a balance between our distinct musical backgrounds,” says Jenna.

The result for ‘Closure’ is an alt-pop aesthetic that nods to the dreampop of the 80s and 90s underground by emphasising a lavish sonic texture, while drawing on contemporary pop melodicism.

Bird Machine

“‘Closure’ reflects us as artists by showcasing our ability to craft emotionally-charged and introspective compositions,” say the pair. Indeed, the ebb and flow of the music mirrors the complexity of the lyrical themes, which explore love in partner relationships, regret, and redemption.

Bird MachineAccompanying today’s release is a beautiful music video. For this, Bird Machine took matters into their own hands, with Luke behind the camera and Jenna handling the editing. Set against the backdrop of Hamilton’s twilight hours, the video captures a poignant blend of loss, and hope, that perfectly harmonises with the song’s themes.

Hot on the coattails of standalone single Hellos and Frowns, Bird Machine’s new single marks the first to be released from an upcoming sophomore EP, which is due for release early 2024. ‘Closure’, the band says, provides a glimpse into the emotional depth and musical diversity Bird Machine are exploring in their upcoming releases.

Having already proven their song-crafting mettle, and with so much promise on the horizon, make sure you don’t miss a beat from Bird Machine. Listen to ‘Closure’ today on all streaming platforms!