Breathe a sigh of relief, Splore Festival is on 26-28 March

Splore is celebrating Level 1 with newly available festival tickets. Splore is throwing the biggest eclectic party of the summer, hosting some of Aotearoa’s top talent in music, visual art and performance – the remaining tickets are expected to sell fast.

Splore’s main stage will feature 100% female and gender mixed acts, multiple music zones will cater to different genres and a performance cabaret evening will intrigue and draw collective breaths. National treasures Jools and Lynda Topp will be there to guide the festival goers as Camp Mother and Camp Leader.

Emma Vickers, Splore Performance Director says “There’s so much talent in, and recently returned to, Aotearoa, Splore has a fuller, more exciting programme than ever before. Get ready for a multi-layered, diverse show”.

Devour comedy, dance, circus, ritual and martial arts at new zone ‘The Piazza’. Experience performances in the Arts Trail, Living Lounge and by the sea. Flip some tricks with Flow in their parkour zone and h

Photo by Glenn McLelland

ead up behind it to discover the immersive eccentric ‘Minema’ in the new ’Skeletons’ Closet’ venue.

At the Living Lounge, see Dust Palace’s new show ‘Pulp’ on Friday night, along with hilarious, outrageous ’The Generation Game – Stars eating Pies’ featuring NZ’s most fabulous queens, you, and plates of cream.

Honouring the ‘Mother’ theme, this year’s Cabaret is ‘Blood and Milk’. The fans of the cabaret know to expect the unexpected! Familiar Splore Cabaret superstars with acts even more daring and debauched than ever, plus fresh treats and the best MCs!! Yep it’s Saturday night and time to ‘dress for mess and excess’.

Splore is renowned for integrating creative disciplines including an interactive visual art programme. This year’s art trail will transform the pohutukawa grove at the far end of Tāpapakanga Regional Park into an other-worldly zone of sculpture, light and costume.

SploreWandering Splorers can expect to encounter multiverse portals, ancient-futuristic artefacts, dreamlike creatures that whisp in and out of reality, fortune-telling trees and numinous reflections. It will be a contemplative space where viewers can access and connect with mother through exploring nature, our imaginations and the distant and vast multiverse.

Wendy’s Wellness at Splore is a burgeoning space, with workshops ranging from beginners acro yoga, to laughter yoga, female sexuality and sex secrets for lovers to Wim Hof Method breathwork, sound bowl meditation and ecstatic dance to quantum energy healing.

Wendy Douglas, Splore’s Wellness co-ordinator says “There are Splorers who love to party but are also into health and wellbeing and want to get up and do a yoga class in the morning or listen to an interesting talk, or get a treatment. Wendy’s Wellness provides the perfect counterbalance”.

Photo by Glenn McLelland

People can book to see healing practitioners, there will be massage, frequency healing, raike,  henna tattoos, tarot readings, reflexology. Bookings can be made via the Splore website from 15 March.

Wellness also includes smaller more intimate talks covering a range of topics from physics of the universe to art of tea ceremony. The wellness zone turns into Wendy’s Wellness After Dark, a dedicated chill out zone where you’ll find DJs, dance, live music, poetry and drumming.

Splore’s music programme boasts an incredible range of female talent. John Minty, Festival and music director says it wasn’t an issue to fill the stages and music zones due to the overwhelming music talent in Aotearoa.

Splore also caters to children. Kids under 12 are free and have a fully programmed Rumpus Room to entertain them over the weekend. Kids rock Splore!

Splore’s sustainability credentials have notched up with 2021 festival operations becoming carbon zero. The audience is encouraged to calculate and offset their Splore travel emissions by using Splore’s new carbon zero calculator at

Subsidised bus travel to and from the festival is made accessible and easy to reduce carbon and cars on-site.

Splore has limited tickets available at $420 for full weekend pass including camping from

Previously sold out Glamps and pre-booked tents have also become available

Book a camping upgrade and turn up to a reserved site 

A full list of performers and entertainment at Splore Festival 26-28 March 2021:

Performers at Splore:

  • Bana Jolie
  • Bosshe
  • Chris oh! And black swan productions
  • Dust Palace
  • Pulp
  • Flip n Fly
  • Flow Academy of movement
  • Jair Ramirez
  • Jang Huddle
  • Jordan Hamel
  • Lizzie Tollemache
  • Love-bombs
  • Mim Conyers
  • Mother Hen
  • Ray Calver
  • The Genderation Game
  • The human agency – bubble wishes
  • The human agency – Floomp
  • The human agency – litter bugs
  • The Human agency Red/whero
  • The Human agency – the usherettes
  • Tim Sainsbury
  • Ashton family circus
  • Dylan Daisy magic show
  • Insecurity Guards
Music programme:
    • Shapeshifter
    • Topp Twins
    • Reb Fountain
    • Deva Mahal
    • MC Tali
    • Princess Chelsea
    • Maisey Rika
    • Estère
    • Hollie Smith
    • Lou’ana
    • Imugi
    • Weird Together
    • Theia
    • Chaii
    • From Scratch
    • Stefann Van Leuven
    • Aroha
    • Valkyrie
    • Flithakl
    • D.Matthews
    • Frank Booker (feat. Nathan Haines) + Friends
    • Mazbou Q
    • The Solomon Cole Band
    • Earth Tongue
    • King Kapasi
    • Dubhead + Empress Naima
    • Dual
    • Polly Hill
    • Orikol
    • Marjorie Sinclair
    • Paddy Free
    • Clarke Gayford
    • International Observer
    • Dylan C
    • Katayangi Twins
    • Benny Salvador
    • Out of Sorts
    • The Dastardly Bounder
    • 121 Soundsystem
    • Contempo
    • Scarlett
    • Misosis
    • Amandamania
    • Chiccoreli (feat. J DUB)
    • Hudge
    • Misa
    • K2k
    • Geneve Alexander Marsters
    • Heylady
    • DK Dolittle
    • AW B
    • Pippin
    • Forest Bump
    • Uncle Barnie
    • Janiac
    • Sister Rosa
    • Bobby Brazuka
    • Murry Sweetpants
    • Mr Big Stuff
    • Lauren Gin
    • Deep Sleep
    • Jamie Newman
    • Corysco
    • Mamadafunk
      Sandy Mill
    • Mac Mylo
    • Alleykat
    • Belleville
    • Bing
    • Burn the Bridges
    • DJ Chikaa
    • DJ Gabriella Gonzalez
    • DJ González
    • Earl Le Duke
    • Emma Tree
    • Facettes
    • Good Habits
    • Zuke
    • Logan Baker
    • Marcos Alonso
    • Nikita 雅涵 Tu-Bryant
    • Andy Heartthrob
  • Sigmund
  • Simon Dsa
  • Taco Dave
  • The Karl Austin Experience
  • Tyson smith
  • MIss
Wellness presenters and practitioners:
  • Alicja Skop
  • Brooke Ora
  • Claire baker
  • Corin Stokery
  • Dr David Weller
  • Dr Vanessa Ingraham
  • Franko Heke
  • Gavin Healy
  • Jackie Segers
  • Jadyn Burt
  • Jamala Smyth
  • Jodine Stodart
  • Jules Bright
  • Julie Faulkner
  • Kaitlyn Gooch
  • Lana Raill
  • Laura Hett
  • Laura Warren
  • Loren Honey
  • Louise Mills
  • Maya Nova
  • Melanie Young
  • Nicholas Corliss
  • Nicky Clinch
  • Nikki Rhodes
  • Ninthwave sound
  • Raquel Chavez-Nguyen
  • Scribe sisters
  • Serenity Float
  • Stella Goetz
  • Steve Hill
  • Taane Mete
  • Talai Loma
  • Tish Mixted
  • Zenthai Shiatsu
  • Sarah Sellar
  • Karen Hunter
  • Anirvan Deva
  • Carlos Riegel
  • Jeanette Saxby
  • Natalie Settler
  • Victoria Stuart
Welcome to Wendy’s Wellness AFTER DARK:
  • Cookie
  • Bo Sounce
  • Dance Plant
  • Earth, Sea and Sky
  • Dylan C
  • Ed Zuccollo
  • Grassmouth
  • Herringson
  • The Infinite Boom
  • Scarlett Pavlovich

Artists in the Art Trail:

  • Anthony Van Dorsten – Full Spectrum
  • Candy Elsmore and Mandy Bunce
  • Christian Nicolson
  • Cinzah
  • Cut Collective
  • Jon Baxter
  • Karen Sewell
  • Levi Hawken
  • Lipka sen and Prabhjyot Majithia
  • Matt Liggins Studio
  • Rawstorne Studio
  • Shades Arcade
  • Silo


Splore 2021 – 26-28 March

Location: 70km SE of Auckland city at Tāpapakanga Regional Park

Splore 2021 theme: MOTHER

Instagram @Splorefestival


Twitter @Splore