Brother Sister – On A Roll (13th Floor E.P. Review)

Brother Sister are On A Roll with this, their third EP. Yes, the Thomson trio are back with their own take on 80s-inspired synth-pop.

One gets the feeling that it was always 80’s night in the Thomson household.

Brother SisterThe Thomsons are brothers Dave (synths/vocals) and Ben (drums) along with sister Taz (bass/vocals) and though they are probably too young to remember 1983 first-hand, they seem to have captured the essence of that year’s  char toppers…acts such as Altered Images, Eurythmics, Thomas Dolby, Toni Basil, Naked Eyes and… dare I say it…Kajagoogoo.

This new EP features five pumping originals beginning with Hold On, a propulsive rocker with bubbling synths and vocals from Taz that will have you reaching for your classic Blondie and Motels records.

Holiday Home is more synth-fun. “Let’s buy a holiday home!”  Taz and Dave trade vocal lines as the trio pumps out another dance floor favourite.

Confession time…personally, the 80’s synth sound has never really been my vibe, but I have to admit that these tunes put a smile on my face.

The title track features some Prince-like bass lines and EP closer, Take A Pill is urgent, fun and catchy all at once.

“I need some space, can’t get some!” sings Taz on Space.

I say, get out of the way and let Brother Sister have their fun. It’s infectious.

Marty Duda

On A Roll is released this Friday (Sept 22)

Click here to watch Brother Sister perform live at The 13th Floor