C. Zukey – Happy & Healthy: 13th Floor New Song Of The Day

Alternative pop/soft rock artist C. Zukey, hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, unveils his debut single, Happy & Healthy, marking a poignant chapter in his journey rediscovering music as a solo artist.

Here’s the blurb from the folks at Really Nice Records with more:

C. ZukeyProduced in collaboration with acclaimed New Zealand producer Mark Perkins (Merk), Happy & Healthy stands as a testament to C. Zukey’s ability to translate personal narratives into captivating compositions. The single, now available on all major streaming platforms, is set to resonate with listeners who appreciate a blend of sincere lyricism and melodic exploration.

C. Zukey is a Canadian-born New Zealand alternative pop/soft rock artist from Auckland, New Zealand.

Overcoming a long bout of writer’s block, C. Zukey translates the emotional impact of his partner’s hypoxic brain injury following the birth of their first child, into compositions that are both sincere and intimate.

In response to this life-altering experience, C. Zukey penned his debut album, Stone Fruut, a heartfelt dedication to his partner and child. Teaming up with New Zealand producer Mark Perkins (Merk), ‘Stone Fruut‘ explores themes of grief, derealization, and nostalgia, offering a melodic journey into C. Zukey’s personal reflections.