Callaa & Andrea (Mum) – Better Be Home Soon: Cover Of The Day

Callaa (from Western Australia) has teamed up with his mum to cover Neil Finn’s Better Be Home Soon.

Here’s what Callaa has to say about it:

Callaa‘I always remember mum singing around the house growing up. I’d always boogie along with her as she always sounded great 🤩 Growing up she said she had a few opportunities to get up on stage and sing with a band but her fear got the better of her! About 10 years ago I said to mum “I want to become a singer”. In her head she thought “ok, random but ok” as I too kept it from a lot of people and was something I just did in the shower 😂 Mum has always been my biggest fan and critic which was a big helping hand through the start of my music journey. Something I’ll always respect from her is she is always honest. I’d show her a little video I made and she would straight say it was pitchy, all round crap or a good one 😂😁 I needed that push for my self to keep working on my voice and confidence. Mum has often said “You’re living my dream” with the things she has seen me accomplish the last few years. So it brings us to this cover song 😁 We’ve always talked about doing a proper song together and putting it out and about. Seeing her sing around the house as a kid with this amazing voice and knowing her fear got the better of her is a bugger but nows her time to shine ✨ 🤩🤘🎶 We’ve recorded a song we both love and have sung a couple of times at karaoke 😆 She got to experience a recording studio for the first time, she got to see how a music video works and smashed every aspect of it. Very proud ❤️👊’

About Callaa:
CallaaBase Location: Perth Western Australia

Calla is a pop and R’n’B singer born and raised in Perth, Western Australia. Starting his music career in 2010 by posting covers of his favourite songs to YouTube, he has since grown his online presence to include a variety of well known covers through both YouTube and Instagram. Most popular for his covers of “Lie to Me” by 5 Seconds of Summer, “Stuck With You” by Ariana Grande and Justin Beiber, and “Marvin’s Room” by Drake.

In 2018 Calla teamed up with Chicago native Clif Hurt to create the duo Calla & Clif. Based in Perth, Calla & Clif created a wide range of music covers and began gigging at cafes and bars throughout the Perth metropolitan area. In the summer of 2019, the duo added Darren Saldanha to form a trio which is now known as Thr3pm. Since this time Thr3pm has taken the Perth events industry by storm working a wide range of private events such as weddings, birthdays, engagement parties and business functions in addition to wineries, bars and brewery gigs.

Calla has continued his solo career by recording his own original music since 2019. He is known for his unique tone and ability to put his own style onto popular melodies.