Celia Hapaira – Me Oh My: 13th Floor New Song Of The Day

Celia Hapaira releases new single, Me Oh My, a track that exudes a serene, laid-back vibe, blending jazz and acoustic elements to capture the essence of blissful infatuation. Departing from melancholic themes, Celia Hapaira’s exploration of love and joy shines through in this tranquil melody.

Here’s the blurb with more:
Celia HapairaCelia Hapaira embraces collaboration through technology, connecting with talented artists worldwide. Despite her rural New Zealand setting, she effortlessly collaborates with established musicians, fostering unity and creativity across borders. Me Oh My stands as a testament to musical synergy, bringing together artists to create a harmonious blend of sound and emotion. As Celia Hapaira continues her creative journey, her ability to connect and collaborate remains a driving force in her music.
Hilario Rodeiro: Based in San Sebastian, Hilario Rodeiro’s exceptional drumming skills infuse the track with dynamic energy.
Maciek Szczycinski: Hailing from Warsaw, Poland, Maciek Szczycinski’s mastery of the acoustic bass and mixing/mastering expertise enriches the song with warmth and depth.
– Mike Lorenz: With proficiency in both electric and acoustic guitar, Mike Lorenz adds emotional texture to the composition, elevating its resonance.