Christine White premieres Taken Video Clip at 13th Floor!

Christine White releases the epic video clip to accompany her lush new single ‘Taken’!

The second single & video from her upcoming multifaceted release, ‘The Raven Project’ due for release on November 24th 2022, is an epic collaboration with over fifty musicians and artists including legendary composer John Psathas! The video for ‘Taken‘, follows on from first single ‘Raven’, and is part two of a three part video series released as part of ‘The Raven Project’ and all supported by Creative New Zealand!

‘The Raven Project’, which began in March 2020, is the result of 2 years work and will culminate in the release of 6 songs in digital and vinyl format (including a remix by producer Paddy Free), accompanied by 3 music videos, and a book of short haiku-style poetry book in is released with the support of Creative New Zealand.

Taken, an eight and a half minute song, was written 8 years ago by White. Though written on guitar, the song had always been envisioned in the style of the lush ballad arrangements akin to those of classic recordings like Billie Holiday and orchestra.

‘Taken’ follows on from her alt radio success, with the first single, ‘Raven’  and features a stunning arrangement by one of New Zealand’s most renowned composers, John Psathas.

“Raven is a sophisticated, intelligent piece of music that is delivered with a musical sensitivity and assurance which means there are multiple rewards for multiple listeners. Its powerful musical statement of real depth.” Trevor Faville –

The current releases are the first to be shared with the world from Christine in over four years, since the release of her previously applauded album from 2018. Over the years White has also recorded, performed and collaborated with many of New Zealand’s music elite, including Hinemoana Baker, Ariana Tikao and Mahina Kaui.

Incredibly talented and multi-faceted musician, Christine White, developed an appetite for non-traditional music-making, over the course of many years. A subsequent degree in Sonic Arts Composition at Victoria University further brought about a shift in Christine’s approach where sound became a compositional tool. This also brought about the start of her incredible working relationship and friendship with composer John Psathas.

A conversation with Psathas during the Covid lockdown of March 2020 led to the germination of the Raven project, with Taken as the focal point of three songs which were to be arranged for band and orchestral instruments.
“I had always wanted Taken to be translated from guitar to orchestra. It was written really with that kind of arrangement in mind” explains White “though I felt a million miles from having the access or ability to that kind of treatment. Creative New Zealand provided a fantastic opportunity, not only to have the song given an orchestral arrangement, but for it to be in the care of such a remarkable person and composer as John is. John really understood the push/pull emotion I was trying to convey, particularly in a section of the song, referred to as the ‘Baby’ section. Here, I wanted an anchor, but also the sense that sounds were pulling away from others, adrift and water-like. John translated this beautifully”.

The strings and horns were recorded by members of the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra. “The musicians from Auckland Philharmonia were incredibly professional and above all, committed to the process and so enthusiastic. They brought such energy to the songs. It was very rewarding for me to see the dots on a page brought to life”.

The song featured harpist Michelle Velvin from the Wellington Vector Orchestra.

White explains, “I was fascinated with the harp and listening to a lot of Dorothy Ashby and Alice Coltrane during the Covid lockdown, so said to John, I need to have a harp in the piece. John created a gorgeous harp accompaniment, and Michelle brought such care, precision and beauty to the part. It was lovely to sing in duet with solo harp”.

Christine was helped in the creation of the video by her visual artist friends, duo Struan Ashby and Erica Duthie from Tape Art New Zealand.
“Struan and Erica were my creative angels. They brought both the enthusiasm and cheer-leading that the project needed, along with some crucial creative ideas and input that allowed the video to conceptually get to the next level. Struan built a stage that served as a boxing ring platform which we drove to various locations, including the Desert Road”.

The video was then edited together by up and coming film-maker Tommy Kelly, who also provided some of the camera work for the project, along with Ashby on gopro and second camera.

‘Taken’ is accompanied by a B side instrumental titled ‘flailing about’, which is an improvised guitar duet with string samples from the original recordings. Both tracks will be released in digital format and video on October 27th. The following single, ‘Starless Rivers’, will be released on the 24th of November alongside the release of the full music collection also on November 24th in digital with vinyl to follow.. The Singles & Full Project release are proudly supported by Creative New Zealand.