Colette Rivers – Heaven and Earth: New Song Of The Day

Colette Rivers has released Heaven and Earth and its our New Song Of The Day!

Here’s the burb with more:

Colette Rivers’ latest single ‘Heaven and Earth’ is a purposeful, yet simple offering, hinting at a more refined evolution of her songwriting craft.

“I think this is my best song yet.” – Rivers

Colette RiversCatchy and uplifting, ‘Heaven & Earth’ is a song about a girl who ignores the obstacles that are in her life- instead meeting them head on. It’s about finding strength and not giving in or giving up.

“I work with a lot of young people and young women and I think this song is inspired by that feeling of both wanting to protect and empower against difficulties. It is also in a way a metaphor about my own set-backs in music – and bloody well going around them.”

As the lyrics in the chorus go, “Heaven and Earth cannot move her mountains. For what it’s worth she will go around them. Fanning a fire that is burning within. Hope like the wind.”

Colette RiversA year and a half has passed since Rivers’ release and tour of debut album, ‘Memory Lake’. With a successful tour under her belt, she planned on taking to the road first in April and then again in October for more tours, however, each time, Covid abruptly stopped both of these in their tracks forcing her to cancel her performances.

Using the set-backs as an opportunity to reset and recharge, Rivers went into her studio and wrote. Within weeks she had a new album’s worth of songs. What is exciting about this kind of process in comparison to a debut album is that the songs are all of a specific moment and a reflection of the ‘right now’- as opposed to the residual emotions that a debut album might contain across years of writing.

‘I wasn’t writing about a broken heart or finding myself anymore because I was over that. Maybe the process of visiting and clearing out my ‘dark waters’ helped me to pop out like a cork and see the view of everything. A lot of my new songs are about other people and other characters. I feel really excited about the stories that are coming out. ‘Heaven & Earth’ is one of them.”

“She’s got a really unique and interesting sense of melodic structure.” (Anonymous follower)

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