Concert Photos: Tiny Ruins & Lawrence Arabia at The Museum, 4 November 2020

Tiny Ruins and Lawrence Arabia delivered a mesmerising performance to a very attentive audience at The Auckland Museum last night. Tara Ranchhod captured a beautiful set of photos and gives us a few thoughts on the show.

Tiny Ruins delivered a gentle, almost minimalist performance, weaving storytelling into the mix as she divulged a bit of history, including how she applied for a job at the museum but didn’t get it. And meeting a couple of ex-prisoners on a bus in the US. The audience was captivated.

Lawrence Arabia joined her on stage – warm and friendly, but at least at the outset, not as talkative as Tiny Ruins, but that did not seem to faze the audience. He sang and played with heart. Towards the end of Lawrence Arabia’s set, he spoke openly about how his life didn’t turn out the way he had envisioned it. And we were so glad about that. A truly lovely evening with two gifted musicians.

Click any photo to view a full size gallery. All photos by Tara Ranchhod.