Concert Review: Air Supply – Bruce Mason Centre April 30, 2019

It was all strings and love songs at the Bruce Mason Centre last night as Air Supply made a nearly sold out audience very happy.

When you’ve been doing something for 44 years, you’re probably either very good at it, or very bored with it.

For Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock, the mainstays of soft-rockers Air Supply, it was definitely a case of the former…these guys know what their audience wants and they know how to give it to them.

The two Aussies began working together in 1975 and, as they like to say, they have never had an argument.

Instead of bickering, these two spent their time writing and recording some of the best-loved songs of the late 70s and early 80s.

To be honest, they were never my cup of tea, but it was clear from the reactions from the fans at the Bruce Mason that songs like Lost In Love, Here I Am and Making Love Out Of Nothing At All mean a lot to a lot of people.

And so women (and men) of a certain age gathered together, held hands and sang their little hearts out along with Russell and Graham.

And the two white-haired gentlemen, now in their late sixties, sounded splendid. Indeed, Russell Hitchcock has one of those voices that needs to be heard live to be fully appreciated.

They were backed by tight four-piece band and a 20-piece orchestra.

I thought guitarist Aaron McLain’s solos sounded a bit muted at times and the strings could have been louder in the mix, but those are my only (minor) complaints.

Otherwise, this was a perfectly executed evening of entertainment from beginning to end.

I was surprised, and slightly embarrassed, by how many of the songs I knew.

They started out with Sweet Dreams and Even The Nights and just kept serving up the hits…Here I Am, Every Woman and their first recording, Love And Other Bruises.

Graham closed out the first half with a solo spot where he took the opportunity to recite a poem entitled “Impossible” and to introduce a new song, Son Of The Father.

After a short break, it was back to the hits with both men venturing out into the audience to perform The One That You Love, following that with Lost In Love and then the Jim Steinman composition, Making Love Out Of Nothing At All.

The encore began with a lovely version of the Badfinger/Nilsson/Mariah Carey hit, Without You, then a little rock and roll with Shake It and finally, they were all out of hits with All Out Of Love.

It was smiles all around when the lights went up.

Air Supply may not be the hippest act on the road, but they know how to do one thing well…make people happy.

Marty Duda

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Air Supply Setlist:

  1. Sweet Dreams
  2. Even The Nights Are Better
  3. Just As I Am
  4. Every Woman In The World
  5. Here I Am
  6. Chances
  7. Love And Other Bruises
  8. Son Of The Father
  9. Now And Forever/Two Less Lonely People In The World
  10. The One That You Love
  11. Lost In Love
  12. Making Love Out Of Nothing At All
  13. Without You
  14. Shake It
  15. All Out Of Love