Concert Review: Beach House – Auckland Town Hall March 11, 2019

Beach House drifted into town last night and mesmerized the audience at the Auckland Town Hall with their bittersweet brand of dreamy pop.

I can’t really say that I SAW Beach House at their concert last night. The trio of musicians, vocalist/keyboard player Victoria Legrand, guitarist Alex Scally and drummer James Barone performed mostly in the dark…any stage lighting came from behind them, so that when they were visible, it was just ghostly silhouettes. And the stage fog didn’t help.

I immediately felt pity for our photographer, Ivan.

But, while this visual concept could be frustrating at most shows, it seemed completely appropriate for Beach House.

Victoria’s vocals were drenched in reverb, so they sounded as unearthly as they looked.

I should also note that the show began at the rather un-rock & roll time of 8pm. There was no opening act and the band did indeed take the stage just before 8:15, which meant they were wrapping up just after 9:30, which is the time most headliners get around to playing their first song.

Since it was a Monday night, I don’t think anyone minded the early night out.

In fact, I don’t think most of the audience had much of anything of their minds once the music started. Beach House’s ethereal tunes, combined with the lighting, produced an atmosphere that was made for just sitting back and letting the music wash over you.

And that’s what I observed…fans with their eyes closed, heads gently bobbing and a blissful look on their faces as the trio played tunes from throughout their career.

The newest album, 7, got plenty of exposure, with the Floydian Black Car, becoming a mid-set highlight.

A cheer went up as the opening notes of Myth, from 2012’s Bloom, floated out of the audience, there was a false start to L’Inconnue and Victoria dedicated Rough Song to “all the witches in the audience” , but otherwise this show felt like one, long, groovy dream.

Marty Duda

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Beach House set list:

  1. Levitation
  2. Lazuli
  3. Walk In The Park
  4. Dark Spring
  5. PPP
  6. L’Inconnue
  7. 10 Mile Stereo
  8. Black Car
  9. Master Of None
  10. Myth
  11. Rough Song
  12. Drunk In LA
  13. Wishes
  14. Space Song
  15. Girl Of The Year
  16. Lemon Glow
  17. Dive