Concert Review: Cowboy Dan – Wine Cellar, April 16, 2021

Cowboy Dan is bringing old school back, celebrating the release of their new EP, Sentimental Now That We Are Leaving. The Auckland based 4-piece triggered an energy that resonated throughout The Wine Cellar.

Treenurse, phot by Chris Zwaagdyk

Rain is falling on Karangahape Road as the bass-line kicks in. After a dearth of people coming out, the feeling is that ‘something’s about to happen’. The crowd is young, ‘vibing’. The space is reasonably full, allowing enough zone for dancing.

Indie rockers Treenurse and The Ideas open the show, getting a warm reception from the gathering crowd.

Cowboy DanBut the audience is on its feet, dancing when Cowboy Dan revs up and the guitar guides our spirits into a state of nostalgia. Leighton Edwards, leads us on a trip – through the streets, through the past, to the future. Details matter. Folk and punk meet.

There are some soft rock tones; a variation from a delicate melody to an excited sound. Their style is progressive and strangely, passive-aggressive. Full of love and passion, ‘in this moment, I feel good…should be in a stranger’s eyes…’ (Stranger’s Eyes.) It feels very romantic, but it’s more like digestible existentialism. The desire of being somewhere else when you’re walking disappears once you listen to this on live. The performance was powerful.

These guys want to make noise, the spirit of punk manifesting.  It’s a revolution of feelings. We don’t appreciate the beauty of little things enough. Clear and loud, the EP waves a dreamy sound and nostalgia, floating in our minds. It’s clever and it connects with humanity and deeper feelings without being too heavy. It allows us to stop thinking and start caring. The dynamic going through the speakers to the crowd is alive.

Cowboy DanThe band is tight, communicating well. Leighton, who writes the songs with Chris Warne; his brother, Jared Edwards and  Sean Timlin; is in tune with his bandmates. He talks about his background and valuable time teaching kids. Always keen for a good laugh.

He gave thanks to the audience, and to the team for the sound engineering of the EP. Found at the Wine Cellar, Cowboy Dan’s playing a well performed concert with people that came away happy, having a story to tell. Great show!

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Cowboy Dan
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