Concert Review: Keeley Shade – The Wine Cellar May 29, 2021

More good vibes at The Wine Cellar this weekend as Keeley Shade and friends put on a show to promote her new EP, Give Me Time.

I’ve been covering shows at The Wine Cellar over the past month or so and finding that there seems to be a new batch of regulars attending and playing…young fans and musicians who have taken a shine to the place.

This last Saturday in May was not exception.

The doors opened at 8pm and by 8:30 a gaggle of familiar faces had already gathered. Everyone seemed to know everyone.

One new face to this scene is James Fistonich (aka George After James) who fans may know, released his EP, Wait For You, last year.

While I believe there is a George After James band, James was on his own tonight.

With a simple, “Hi guys”, he got down to business performing a couple of new tunes (You Wander, What You Have In Store For Me) before visited the EP, with One I Call Home.

James’ presentation is simple and direct…intimate, personal songs sung with passion and accompanied by his guitar.

The 50 minute set included a heartfelt cover of Jackson Browne’s These Days along with original tunes such as a dreamy Goodbye and In Your Hands (You Won’t Let Go).

The set ended with All Around, but James was quickly called back for one more, an acoustic Wait For You, along with an announcement that there with be an upcoming full band show in the near future.

When Keeley Shade appeared on stage a short while late, James was right there with his electric guitar. Other familiar faces included drummer Max Earnshaw and bassist George Manning (aka Montgomery)

Keeley’s set began with a swell of synths to drive the angelic Don’t Keep Driving, followed by Home.

Keeley engaged with her audience, letting them know that Good Girl was a song “I actually forgot I’d Written” and sharing a favourite…her cover of Bon Iver’s Blood Bank.

There were a few flaws in the set…a couple of false starts before Good Girl got going, a repeat of a backing track before the encore and a few shakey notes sung. To be fair, Keeley shared that she had been suffering a migraine earlier in the day and slept through most of it.

But, she’s a trooper and the show did go on. Again, James’s guitar playing was a integral of the set ands when everything was going well, it was lovely.

The crowd was supportive and there was an encore, possibly titled, Blow Out The Candles. 

So another evening of good vibes and good music with musicians and fans supporting each other.

Let’s see what happens next week.

Marty Duda

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Marty Duda

George After James Set list:

  1. You Wander
  2. What You Have In Store For Me
  3. One I Call Home
  4. Goodbye
  5. Morning Song
  6. These Days
  7. Someone
  8. In Your Hands (You Won’t Let Go)
  9. All Around
  10. Wait For You


Keeley Shade set list:

  1. Don’t Keep Driving
  2. Home
  3. Tomorrow
  4. Blood Bank
  5. Good Girl
  6. Dead Boys
  7. The Mend
  8. Give Me Time
  9. On My Mind
  10. Blow Out The Candles