Concert Review: Leisure – Powerstation July 26, 2019

The guys from Leisure celebrated the release of their second album, Twister, with a smouldering show at The Powerstation.

Three years on from their self-titled debut album and the band was raring to go, ready to perform in front of a crowd that clearly “felt like cutting loose” on this Friday night in Auckland after being warmed up by Imugi 이무기 and a DJ set from Lord Echo.

The six musicians took to the stage at around 10:20pm with the rhythm section planted firmly centre stage.

And rightly so, as the band’s sleek, soulful sound is based around the rhythm tracks.

They opened with a three-song salvo from Twister, beginning with the breezy I’ve Got You On My Mind, then on to a hypnotic Man and then Money with its electronic blips and squeals.

Along with the funky rhythm section, Leisure’s sound is built around the band’s smooth vocals.

And the crowd was ready to join in on the singing when Hot Love, from the previous album, made its appearance. The singalong continued through Got It Bad.

“Thank you so much for coming out, this is crazy”, noted bassist Tom Young, before immersing the room into the sultry slow jam of Falling, followed by another new one…S.L.Y.

The crowd did start to sound a little restless, with chatting audible during the new material, but then they were back into the groove with Take It To The Top.

Young commented on this being a “super surreal moment” peering out into the crowd from the Powerstation stage, remembering his dreadlocked self, moshing away in earlier days.

The band served up a healthy portion of the new album, wrapping up the hour-long set with album-opener Feeling Free, followed by the closer, Alone Together. In between, they gave a heartfelt shout-out to their manager, Amy Goldsmith.

The encore consisted of two oldies, with All Over You wrapping up with a chilled vibe and a very happy audience.

With a major label deal and a new album, it sounds like things are really happening for Leisure, and this show proves that the group has the live chops to back it up.

Marty Duda

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Imugi 이무기

Lord Echo

Leisure set list:

  1. I’ve Got You On My Mind
  2. Man
  3. Money
  4. Hot Love
  5. Got It Bad
  6. Falling
  7. L.Y.
  8. Take It To The Top
  9. Know You Better
  10. Nobody
  11. Easy Way Out
  12. Feeling Free
  13. Alone Together
  14. Control Myself
  15. All Over You
Marty Duda
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