Concert Review: Mackensie Grace – The Wine Cellar May 22, 2021

With her new debut EP, Our Night, freshly released, Mackensie Grace and her fans took over The Wine Cellar for a festive evening of song, making it their night.

There was plenty going on at St Kevin’sArcade with Whammy and Wine Cellar serving up musical treats all night long.


MontgomeryWe start with The Wine Cellar where “emerging artist” Montgomery warms up the crowd with a selection  of heartfelt love songs. When I arrived he was belting out Alone With You, pouring his heart out on stage.

He and his band then played a new tune, something called A.T.I.S.I.L.Y. (And then I said I Love You)?

After which, the band disappeared, Monty complained of his choice wear two thick shirts (“take ‘em off!” was called out from the crowd) and the singer again poured his heart out in a song most likely titled You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me (not the Burt Bacharach tune).

Montgomery’s delicate voice slipped into falsetto for Under Again.

With the band back in place Montgomery closed out his time on stage with his single Wasteland and then something noted on the setlist as “L.O.” which sound very much like a lost track off Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon.

I didn’t see that coming!

Mackensie Grace

Dressed in white, we couldn’t help see Mackensie coming.

Mackenzie GraceLooking radiant, she took the stage with her band (including 13th Floor sound man and Odds & Ends front man Koen Aldershof on bass and Max Earnshaw on drums).

Her set began with the first four tracks from Our Night and, with a voice that touches on soul, gospel and pop, immediately entranced the crowd.

I will say its been good to see so many young fans frequenting the Wine Cellar these days. Of course old veterans like myself have been coming here for years, but the venue seems to be picking up a new batch of regulars.

For me, the highlight of the set was the segue from original tune Talk Tomorrow into Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain. As Koen laid down that very familiar bass line, the crowd erupted.

A bit later, Max emerged from behind the drums to strap on a guitar and the duo performed Cross The Line.

Then it was all hands on deck for a finale of Gone and Our Night. By then the band was locked and loaded, delivering an explosive performance as Mackensie led the charge.

“One More Song! One more song!” , the crowd demanded.

And Mackensie and co. delivered with Cruel And Crazy serving up a big fuzzed out guitar riff along the way.

Nice job everyone.

Marty Duda

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Mackenzie Grace