Concert Review: She Loves You – Anthology Lounge April 5, 2019

Alternative-rock heavy hitters She Loves You thrashed out a lyrically venomous and musically furious set at Anthology K Road last night, celebrating the launch of their new single, Dirty Orlean.

Opening act, Royal Jackets, delivered a mixed-genre rock set with a highlight of harmonica during their Sympathy For The Devil cover, showing hints of Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Doors, before Animalhead dialled up the heavy energy with a rock-metal set every bit as harsh and powerful as early Rage Against The Machine.

Drenched in neon lighting, with a psychedelic SLY banner hanging above the stage, it was the headlining, alt-rock four-piece She Loves You that drew the crowd from the concrete corners and cushioned booths of Anthology to centre stage, smashing out a 13-song set with unrelenting fury and tight, grimy guitar riffs.

The complementing talent of each member was first evident in their second song, Clique, with precise, distorted electric-guitar strikes by Jessie Booth pulled together through the phenomenal drumming of Katie Baya, building to a heavy and hard, dirty-rock finale. The musical chemistry of these two was evident for the entirety of the set, with Booth creating an intricate and measured sound that cut through the heavily distorted riffs.

Baya was flawless as the band’s drummer, channeling a one-of-a-kind power through Last Night, Fight Club, and It’s Not Over that would be impossible not to compare to the raw talent of a young Meg White – every time she picks up the sticks, she’s a musician who creates absolute magic on the drums.

The foundations created by Cassandra King’s basslines were highlighted in the opening solo-slide transition of I Want It, swaying the crowd as lead vocalist, Madeline Berry, commanded their attention with her ability to drip sweet venom into almost every melody. A major draw of SLY is their combined stage presence and performance energy, and the balance displayed between the musicians is clear evidence of the work they’ve put in together over the years.

It was of little surprise that their release single, Dirty Orlean, was the greatest example of this, another fast and heavy tune with slightly stripped-back guitar filth, which placed the focus on the balance of vocal and instrumental harmonies by the band as a whole. With undeniably catchy beats, playful-but-powerful lyrics, and a formidable stage presence, this all-female alt-rock group left little doubt last night that they’re a band to keep on your musical radar.

– Oxford Lamoureaux

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She Loves You Setlist:

  1. Zeus
  2. Clique
  3. Porn Hun
  4. Last Night
  5. Get Out
  6. Comeback
  7. Dead
  8. Fight Club
  9. I Want It
  10. It’s Not Over
  11. Jameson
  12. Dirty Orlean
  13. Someone New