Congratulations to 13th Floor Photographer Brenna Jo Gotje!

So many awards! Last night we covered the AMA Ceremony, but we also learned that our photographer, Brenna Jo Gotje won a well-deserved award for music photography present by Image Auckland.

Here are details:

BrennaAotearoa Music Photo Award 2024 winners

Image Auckland is delighted to announce the winners of 2024 Music Photography Award – Whakaahua Puoro Toa

2024 1st Prize winner is – Brenna Gotje – ‘Princess Chelsea band – Town Hall‘. Congratulations to Brenna.

Judge Federico Monsalve said, “Capturing a single, fleeting moment when a musician is in an almost trance-like communion with its instrument. This photograph is delightful in its composition and its ability to contain an enigmatic burst of energy. The background light is almost heavenly both in its texture and directionality; the backdrop instruments and equipment appear as if officiating whatever primordial dance is going on in front of them while nearby, a pair of pants with fleeting butterflies add even more condensed, solidified movement to this tableau. I was instantly attracted to this raw image because, although intrinsically bound to the music it is trying to capture, it plays by its own rules to create an artwork in its own right.”

Brenna wins $1250 in cash and her winning image will be part of future exhibitions of the 2024 AMPA.

Brenna stated, “Thanks so much! It was great just to have it on the website, its incredible validation, I just love photographing musicians… but to win… it is absolutely insane!”

And here is the photo!

Brenna Jo Gotje