Connor Mac – See Through: New Song Of The Day

Connor Mac releases “stunning new single”, See Through.

Emerging local artist CONNOR MAC, today reveals a captivating new single with ‘See Through’, a beautifully harmonious song showcasing a gently soulful and soaring vocal performance from Connor.

Connor MacThe talented singer-songwriters’ follow up to the critically acclaimed debut single ‘Purpose’, sees Connor build upon an already impressive body of work with his current tunes, which has amassed an incredible 2 million+ streams to date.

Written, recorded, and produced by Connor in his home studio in Switzerland, ‘See Through’ is an emotive anthem written to compel the listener to dissipate their innermost doubts, and learn to have confidence in themselves.

Says Connor:  “It’s to send a message to  look into all of our self-doubts as to our own worth, whether we wear that on the surface or bury it deep within. Ultimately, it’s an uplifting song that tackles the theme of anxiety and support, with an aim to give confidence to people suffering from low self-esteem. The lyrics are spoken personally from one individual in a relationship to another, and in this age of increasing social and emotional exposure, they are words nearly everyone can relate to in some way.”

Connor MacConnor’s music embodies a uniquely soulful and organic sound – elements of neo-soul combined with infectious pop melodies, and enhanced by his sublime production skills. His lovelorn songs reveal a stunningly honest vulnerability in their lyrics, and ‘See Through’ is yet another compelling expression of his innate ability to conjure up a heart-felt tune that is an introspective delight.

One of a new generation of talent who is beginning to cut through the noisy digital landscape of the global music industry, Connor Mac is starting to gain the attention of the UK music press, and without a doubt this rising artist deserves to be firmly on your radar.

 Keep your eyes peeled for the cinematic new video for ‘See Through’ due out next Thursday 28 October.

“an exciting talent with an increasing global following, ‘Purpose’ shows the depth of his strong song-writing abilities with its beauteous perspectives.”Flex Music

“’Purpose’ happens to be a perfect example of making music with personality and inventiveness.”Fruit Sonic

“a soulful, enjoyable pop style. The lyrics are about finding purpose being with someone. If you’ve ever loved or been loved intimately, it’s a song that will resonate. The overall energy of the track is relatable to a lot of listeners. I appreciate this one a lot.”Ear To The Ground

Connor Mac

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